Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to the Snarkyville News

What is Snarkyville, you ask?  Well, I teach at a rather large elementary school.  The lucky ones work inside the building.  They have central heat and indoor plumbing.  They hang things on hall walls and on doors.  They get a whole lot less exercise than those of us in Snarkyville.

The rest of us are outside in Snarkeyville, which is a collection of "portables."  Yes, I know that portable is an adjective, and I spent my first year wanting to constantly ask "portable what?"  Each portable is one or two classrooms.  Mine is one.  We have a portable for restrooms.  Yesterday there was a coating of ice in the toilets and icicles in the sink instead of running water.  Using the restroom, going to the cafeteria, rare trips to the library -- these all involve going outside and taking a hike.  We have two units that serve as both heaters and coolers.  Some days they serve both functions.  Some days they just make noise.  If you want the room tolerable before the kids arrive, you need to get to school early, turn the units on, and hope for the best.

We have no halls; our "hall walls" are the outside walls of the portables, and hanging things on them is foolish at best.  The last time I decorated my door, someone tried to burn the door down overnight.  It's a different world in Snarkyville!

My classroom:

Icicle in the portables' restroom sink:

My burned door that greeted me one morning when I arrived.  It had been decorated when I left.

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