Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday Resource: Blogging With Students

Good evening! As you know, I try to bring you a weekly resource that you may find helpful in educating your students or children. My first thought for this week was to present some journal prompt sites, since that's something I'm often looking for during the school year. However, my love of technology (I'm having a great time on Google+ this week) and my own experiences with blogging (and trying to blog with my students) instead inspired me to seek out information on blogging with students.

I got my initial links here, in case you're wondering. Now, last year I created one class blog, and put on it the work of individual students. However, I discovered today a better plan: kidblog.org. I have set up an account, and when I get my class list, I can give each student his or her own blog within that account.

I apologize in advance for the links. It looks like all of the links beyond this point all go to the same place. I strongly recommend clicking on tabs!!

Here are some sample blogs (of real students) using that blogging platform (Student Blog Examples is the last tab). That awesome site includes a video tutorial on how to set up those blogs (click on Setting Up A Blog, and then the second link from the left beneath that tab). Greta Sandler, the awesome author of that whole resource section, has everything you need (click on the various tabs for subheadings), including setting up a blog, internet safety, etc.

My favorite part was her great introductory activity under setting up a blog: Learning to Blog Using Paper (again, under Setting Up A Blog).

Feel free to check out the other Google links as well! Please let me know which you liked best. I hope you enjoy blogging with your students!

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