Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Resource: Journals

No! Come back here! This is some cool stuff!

First of all, as I said in a previous post, I was going to look for some journal prompts that I can use with my students when I can't think of anything else and neither can they. But what I really wanted, especially in light of recent conversations on Google+, were more creative journal ideas. I wanted things I might think are cool or interesting or feasible, but that I hadn't thought of myself, in spite of my humble brilliance. (It took three tries to get the wording right in my search. So much for humble brilliance.)

I collected a range of ideas because you are a range of people.

Our friends at Ranger Rick had some great ideas, including a moon journal, etc. This particular link is for a nature journal. Whether or not it would work for a classroom teacher would depend on if there is any nature around, but it seemed like something homeschoolers and parents who still have some summer vacation left might like.

This second link I only included for the links at the bottom. If you scroll down, though, you'll find journaling links geared more toward teens and adults.

Jennifer Cummings' creative journaling page has more creative prompts, and not all of them involve writing. One of my favorites was number 5: "What is the worst book you have ever read, and why was it horrible? Why did you read it?" How often, during their schooling, are children asked about their favorite book? It's a nice change to write about one you strongly disliked!

TeacherVision's page has a zillion links. Really. These include different types of journaling as well as topics. This page seems to cover a whole range of grade levels and ages, including adults.

This next link is where I initially got the idea to look for nature journals. It includes journals for adult learners as well.

Finally, there is Notebooking, which includes a wide variety of free pages. Some of these can be used for journaling, and there are pages for various forms of religious/spiritual journaling as well.

You'll note that I try to include only practical links in my Monday Resources. While a theoretical link may appear, it's only when there is practical information somewhere on the page. In today's case, either you like journals or you don't. You either want to try it yourself or with your students, or you don't. If I were going to try to actually sell you on an idea, it'd be the idea that Bret Favre needs to retire. Permanently. Really. Maybe I should journal about that.

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