Monday, July 4, 2011

The Plan, v.1

I am participating in A Round of Words in 80 Days, and one of my goals is to create a written plan for each of my blogs.

This blog is the least used of my "blogging" blogs (we won't count the tons of WordPress blogs that I have whose original intents are long forgotten!). My other two blogs are Pawny's Pen for writings, and the somewhat-abandoned Desert Duck, for boring life stuff.

I think my original intent of this blog was to write about teaching, share ideas, talk about my own philosophies, etc. I find that talking about what I think makes me think about what I do. Metacognition stuff. I also know that I have looked for teacher blogs myself. I look for ideas, of course, but I also want to "visit with" other teachers. What are they doing? Thinking? What works? What are their ups and downs? Because the teachers in Snarkyville are so isolated from each other (and we don't want to talk about school stuff on FB, there's no real professional support.

At the same time, I want a blog that's interactive. I want teachers and parents and other readers to have an avenue to communicate and to be glad they stopped by. I want a blog with resources. I appreciate resources aimed at classroom teachers as well as those aimed at homeschoolers, and have used both. But I hate using search engines because I often end up with links to pay sites.

So, keeping in mine what I do with my other blogs or want to do, I will start with this rough draft plan:

Mondays I will provide information about one teacher resource site. If it's a pay site, or pay with some free stuff, I'll say so. I can do these ahead of time and schedule their posting. This will provide weekly information, especially for new teachers or teachers new to the web.

Thursdays I would like to visit web sites by teachers (just as I have my Wednesday Visit on Pawny's Pen). I remember some really awesome sites, even if they didn't match the grade level I taught. But I would like to share what other teachers out there are doing.

Weekends (Saturday or Sunday), I'll write about my own teaching journey -- my own news from Snarkyville.

My question to you: If you were a teacher, parent, or other visitor to this site, what sort of content and features would you be looking for?


  1. Funny teacher stories. My dad was a teacher, and he'd have loved some funny teacher stories.

  2. You're right! I love funny teacher stories, too! Thanks!