Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 2 -- 8/16/11

One student went home sick without ever making it into the classroom, and two more joined our class. One was absent yesterday because of seizures. He's one of the kids I had in SFA last year. As soon as he was settled, I called the nurse (who is new to our school) and asked for an information sheet. She asked his name, and I told her. I expected to eventually get some ancient typed sheet on seizures, which is what nurses at previous schools would have done. Nope. She came to my room with something she typed after she obviously spoke to the lad's mother first. Three long paragraphs. She didn't even just hand it to me; she stood there and went over it with me. Nice!! The seizures are a recent thing of unknown origin. My first thought was Connor Bourke, who just died this summer after a long battle with a brain tumor. My brain always jumps to the worst thing first. But he has more testing today, and then we'll know more. In the mean time, his name tags on the top and front of his desk have a red circle dot with an S in them, in case there's ever a sub.

In writing, we are talking about blogs. Next week, I hope, they will start their own blogs. They've done a paragraph for a first entry, and we've managed to do a lot about blogs and internet safety in two days. The principal came in yesterday while we they were doing the writing part, and she was pretty impressed.

In reading we're doing the "AIMS Reading Process" (that I was taught at this school) with nonfiction passages, and reading James and the Giant Peach. We're doing science and PE on Thursday and Friday. Oh, excuse me, "extended recess." They have to call it that because we're not PE teachers -- but we're teaching PE. Next week we start OMA and library.

I'll write about math later.

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