Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moving "Inside"

(Written a couple of weeks ago but not posted)

If you followed the Desert Duck, you know that I have spent the past four years "in the portables," also known (by some of us, at least) as Snarkyville. Although these trailers were decrepit fire hazards, I had no fears of burning down because in case of emergency, I'm fairly sure that any fourth grader could kick out a wall with one kick.

BUT -- I'm moving into The Building! Yes, my classroom will be an actual classroom -- AND I'll have a Promethean Board! I am truly excited! So this week (yes, still on summer vacation), I'm moving. I had to unpack all my closets and cupboards, and will post those photos as soon as I get them off my camera (probably this afternoon). On Monday I unpacked the two closets, and yesterday the cupboards. I moved two things over to the new room, but the maintenance man was moving the furniture from that room to Ms. R's new room, and it was hot and a long trip to be moving stuff, so I decided to go back this morning to get my stuff moved. (I have to move my stuff, and maintenance will move the furniture.)

One reason the furniture has to be moved is that I have "taller" 4th grade furniture; the stuff in that room is for first graders. Little guys. Another reason is that we need to empty out the portables in case the new school isn't open yet. They may have to start the year out using our portables.

Life in the portables meant that, while I had the illusion of controlling my own heat and cooling, there were ... issues. For example, on more than one occasion, turning on the heat in the morning meant setting off the fire alarm.

There are lots of "strangers" wandering around campus and walking through the portable area. However, if you're in the building, that usually means that you went through the office first, and someone knows you're there. This means that now, my students will be a whole lot safer going to the restroom. In the portables, the restroom is a trailer with 3 doors that open to the outside. Any one of the people wandering through could be hanging out in either of the kid restrooms at any time.

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