Sunday, August 14, 2011

School Eve

What do teachers think about the night before school starts? I don't know about everyone else, but I can tell you what I think about every year.

I worry that I won't get to sleep. I fervently hope that no one will throw up or wet themselves because they were too shy to say something. Yes, I teach fourth grade, and yes, it's happened (the latter). Just as kids worry if their teacher is nice or will like them, I worry about the same thing.

Am I ready? Will I have everything I need? Will everything go smoothly? Will I remember to not talk too fast? Will I adjust to being "inside" finally, after all those years in trailers? (Well, only four years, but it seems like a long time.)

Will I remember my lunch? Will the Promethean Board work without a hitch? Will I get everything done? Will I end up having not enough to do? (I seriously doubt that one!) Will there be anyone who's new to the school? Will my class be nice to the Exceptional Ed students on Thursday and Friday? Who has what special needs? Who will show up without having had breakfast? Who is afraid? What if I forget to bring or do something?

I have to remember that incoming fourth graders are pretty much third graders, not children who are in the same spot as my last class was on the last day of school!

I hope it's a good year! Keep us in your thoughts!

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