Saturday, October 22, 2011

As The Desks Move

Or Turn. Whatever. It’s been a quiet week in Lake Woebegon, but not so quiet in Snarkyville. A week before report card day (RCD was last Friday), at the end of the day G went home a few minutes early because he was picked up. We had been outside playing soccer, and didn’t hear or understand the announcement looking for us. No matter. He was already packed to go home, as they all were, so he grabbed his backpack, said good-bye, and left. Got to school this past Monday, and when I went to do attendance, he was already marked absent with an E code (I’m guessing that’s for Excused). Same with Tuesday. The office said it was a family matter, and they’d explain it when he returned. I could guess what that was, and was partially right. His mother had been doing overnights at the jail, I’d found out about a month ago, for DWI. It was hard on the kids because she didn’t get out in the morning until they were at school. I’m not sure who they were staying with during that time. This was making it hard for her to work (and feed herself, because she was concentrating on feeding the kids), which is how the school found out I guess. We’re used to that, and they got her hooked up with a food source. She was working with some organization, though, that had an educational component, and she came and did something fun and sciency with the kids one day. Well, apparently she got another DUI during this time and her overnights were over. She became a full-time guest of the powers that be. This meant that the kids had to stay with a relative on the other side of town, and wouldn’t be coming back to our school. Not that we pick favorites, mind you, but if we did, he’d be at or near the top of the list. He’s the sweetest kid, always trying hard, and a total Harry Potter geek. My kind of kid. In the meantime, this past week I also found out that yesterday would be A’s last day. (I have about 7 As, by the way!) He was on the sweet-but-exhausting list. We got to say good-bye to him, though, which was nice. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was notified at lunch on yesterday that I’m getting a new student — from the ELD (English learners with some other letters in there) class. She is upset about coming, of course, but she did know one of the girls (because her twin is in that class), so she’s willing to sit in her group. She’s new to the school this year. It’s turning out to be a good thing that we have Circle Time (restorative circle) every Monday morning, because we’ll have closure and new student issues to deal with. We made A a going away sign, Y a welcome sign, and we wrote letters to G, which I included in a packet of stuff that I shipped over to his school (his notebooks, folders, report card, etc. I don’t imagine his grandmother can get all new stuff, since she doesn’t have a car.) So it’s been a tiring week, to say the least. In the midst of this, they keep trickling down all sorts of stress and last-minute stuff and unorganized stuff. I decided not to go for National Board Certification at this time. It came down to the concept that I can’t have my whole life revolve around my job. It already takes up enough of my free time, and I just don’t have any more to put into it at the moment. If the school hasn’t imploded by next year, I may rethink it. Or not. And that’s the news from Lake Woebegon. Or Snarkyville.

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