Friday, March 16, 2012

teacher field trip

So yesterday I went with Suzanne to an OMA workshop. What an awesome experience!! It was more like a retreat, in that it was that relaxing and rejuvenating. For one part, we had to go out and take a bunch of pictures. Usually, when I take a picture, I look at the Big Picture. The presenter was more into (for herself) doing close-ups of things, like the blossom of the flower. I tried to keep that in mind when I was out there. Then we had to do projects with one of our photos. They kept what we did (for now), so I'll wait until it comes back to explain it better. But it had to do with using different symbols and designs to represent shadings, and only looking at/using part of the photo. My favorite photos from the numerous ones I took are below. I was fascinated with the spider web that had a little funnel (and thrilled that I didn't see an actual spider). I decided that I have to have internet (but definitely not TV). I was way behind in posting grades and doing both reading prep and documentation because it all happens on the web site below, and there's not enough time at lunch or after school to do it at school. (I carpool, so I can't just stay until 5 to make sure everything's done.) I also have to access math on-line. We don't have workbooks any more. Any paperwork we need, we have to get from the web site, especially to download what needs to go up on the Promethean Board. Being able to do it from home again will be a big help! Plus, I'm going to have the highest reading group for the last quarter, which will be a tremendous change! I (finally!!!) had a conference with one boy's mother. He is very bright in math, but it doesn't show because the tests (and the AIMS) are story problems, and he is very low in reading. One reason is that he doesn't read! He won't do his reading homework. So I got to find out (a benefit of conferences) that what he says doesn't match what's happening at home. I was worried that his mother was going to be this hostile, horrible person who was going to blame me for everything since WWII. Nope. She was a perfectly nice woman who has her hands full with four sons from high school to age 2, but who is very much interested in her son's progress and does try to get him to read. SFA web site math text web site spider web: Photobucket my favorite, because it's so absolutely typical: Photobucket anyone who's been around small children will recognize this as a birthday cake: Photobucket The rest of the pics are here

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