Wednesday, March 14, 2012


So Monday we go to library (we go every other week), and when we get back I see a tail go by on the counter behind a box. I’m thinking it’s a large lizard. I’m wrong. It’s a mouse. I knew there were mice in the next room after the bathroom, and they had been in this room before. So they set out two traps overnight, and two were caught. Of course, there’s no such thing as two mice. So yesterday, the mice were taunting us. Really. One teenage mouse would say to his friends “Watch this!” He’d run out, stick his tongue out at us, run back, and high-five the other mice. We ended up in a Portable. We packed our math, writing notebooks, and backpacks, and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon elsewhere. There had been a small amount of seeds left from the science kit that I couldn’t find, but they sure did. Today we clean. There’s no food in the room, but there are tons of papers, and apparently they like nesting. I never have time to do a good job of it, but the principal said to have the kids help. Well, of course! Duh. BTW, I don’t have internet at home any more. My students loans are $300 a month now. That takes care of any remaining frivolity. I can still try to post from work this early in the morning, though. Signing off from Mouse Central…

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