Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Post With No Name

Apparently I had stuff in another blog that would rightfully belong here, so I just finished moving it all over. That might be a bit of a shock, if you were here recently. The last day of school for students was last Wednesday (May 23). This was the first year that I didn't take photos at the end of the school year. We actually went on a real field trip, which is only my second in five years of teaching here. I didn't take pictures then, either, although the other teacher took photos of her class (both the last day of school and on the field trip). It was her last day with students at our school, so that would be part of it. I guess it's just been a rough year. On top of that, I had to retain a child, for only my second time in 13 years. It's not just that the child wasn't successful in fourth grade -- the child didn't come to fourth grade ready for THIRD grade. He is that behind. His progress was minimal. Yet I couldn't get the person in charge of such things to test him for learning disabilities, because she was "too busy." His sister was tested, though, and qualified for services. I have on his paperwork that he MUST be tested as soon as school resumes! It's sooooooooooo wrong to just deny him the extra help he needs because no one feels like taking the time out to test him. And what are the chances that he'd be acting out a lot less if he were feeling a lot less overwhelmed at school? Seriously, people! So many frustrating things happened this year, and technically it's not over. Last night I participated in a webinar, and it was awesome. My idea of good teacher workshops is that you immediately want to try what you learned in your classroom. Since school is out though, I'll have to wait until the beginning of August. On the other hand, today was one day of a two-day workshop, and day one was truly horrible. I do the "write 750 words a day" thing, and I managed to write 600 of them about how awful the workshop was. For now, though, I'll point you to the good one. Anyone who has ever heard my "Class, class!" will find at least that familiar tidbit here. There is so much more than that one thing. This is also where I got the SuperSpeed Math and SuperSpeed 1000 from. PLEASE take the time to check it out if you're a teacher. It is a great resource!